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TV Shows Reminder is here to provide a service which allows you to subscribe and get notified whenever a new episode of your favorite TV Show is about to be aired.

  • Friendly site
  • Easy to use
  • Free notifications
  • .ics file for Calendars
  • Mobile Apps (coming soon)



Hassle free Login using Social Network. All we need is your permission to fetch your email so that we can send you emails as per your subscriptions.


You can easily Search for your favorite TV Shows. At present you are limited to just searching for TV Shows using Titles available in IMDB Site.


Different kinds of Subscription options are available to select for each of the selected TV Shows in terms of notification through email*.


The site is made completely Responsive meaning can be opened in any type of device: Desktop, Tablets, Smartphones etc.


We try and Update latest information about your subscribed TV Shows everyday to send you emails whenever a new episode is out.


Easily Turn on or off your email/push notification Settings with just one click. Also, can override subscription settings as well with just one click.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for faster usage of the Service. Coming Soon...

Push Notification

Push Notifications available for Browsers (in Beta!)

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TV Shows Reminder is a site created to notify you whenever a new episode of your favorite TV Shows is aired.
When you login through Facebook, Google or Microsoft, we ask you to give permission for us to fetch your email id. We then send the reminder mails to this email id.
Yes. We will try our best to notify you before the show is aired.
Yes you can. We would highly recommend you to use the same Login which you use on the site. This way you can have the same data across the system.
Yes, provided that you login using the same login mechanism.
TV Shows Reminder is absolutely free of cost. If there's anything in the future, we will let you know.